Reviews – Bold Claims

Products and Pricing

This e-commerce drugstore makes the big claim that it has the best prices in the world, although it does have very low prices there is no way to verify this claim. 

Best-Selling Products on This Platform

A shopping cart feature is also built on this website that allows you to save products that you are planning to buy until a later when you have got the funds or have finished browsing around.

  • Hair Loss, a problem that although not life-threatening it can leave the sufferers feeling embarrassed and unhappy. Products here can help to slow down hair loss and in some cases even reverse.
  • Heart Disease, such an illness develops when what is known as plaque develops which can block the arteries and blood vessels that are connected to the heart and eventually lead to a blockage. The medication available in this section can help prevent this issue.
  • Healthy Bones, majority of people have a total of 206 bones in their body, it is important to consume the necessary amount of nutrients and minerals such as calcium and vitamin D. In this category you can purchase such supplements.
  • General Health, in this section, customers are able to find products that can help boost their overall health, such as by making sure that they are taking all of the necessary minerals and vitamins.
  • Sleep Aid, it is recommended that the average adult sleeps for 7 hours every day, in this category you can find a medication that helps people that are not able to sleep long enough as well as those that have a condition that causes them to sleep for too long.

Payment and Shipping

Currently, there are three distinct payment methods that customers are able to choose from on this drugstore website. Customers can pay using credit cards from the two leading processing companies Visa and Mastercard, they can pay using a service called SEPA which allows bank transfers inside the European Union, and finally, they can pay using cryptocurrencies.

Two shipping methods are available, there is the Standard shipping method that takes between 2 and 3 weeks on average as well as the Express shipping method that takes between 3 and 8 days. There is also free shipping for large orders. Reviews

There was a total of seven reviews on the independent feedback platform TrustPilot which provides a space for customers to share their opinions about organizations without having their feedback deleted or manipulated. There is quite a few low 1 star out of 5 reviews that accuse this pharmacy website of being a scam, interestingly enough the positive reviews that are present are by very new accounts that have a total of just 1 review on the entire site meaning that positive reviews are likely created by the website owners.

Testimonials are present on the pharmaceutical website, these testimonials are mostly positive but you should not trust them due to the ability of the website owners to manipulate them for their own benefit.

Is Website a Scam or Legit?

This online drugstore is a scam, it uses illicit methods to try and convince visitors to the site that it is safe to use. For example, it uses fake testimonials both on and off the site to paint the picture that there are a lot of happy users when in reality this is not true.

On URL Void, there is one warning about this pharmaceutical website which is due to two scam reports. Reviews – Telling Lies

Business Name and Address

This drugstore does provide customers with a business name and contact address. They also have phone numbers for the US and the UK, though the address they give isn’t in either country.

They have an address in the Czech Republic, and they give their business name as Europharm Group Inc. We have seen these business details before, many times, and we don’t believe them to be genuine. We can’t find any reference to this business name on official websites, so this appears to be a fake business name.

Legal Approvals

Legal approval helps keep customers safe, but this pharmacy doesn’t show any seals from regulating authorities. They do say that their products are approved by the Indian FDA for export but fail to provide any evidence of this.

While this could sound reassuring, there isn’t actually an organization called the Indian FDA. The equivalent of the FDA in India is called the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation or CDSCO.

Perhaps the pharmacy doesn’t use the real name of the government organization because they know people are familiar with the FDA, or perhaps it’s just because they made the whole thing up. Since they provide no evidence, the latter could well be true.

Medications on Sale

The biggest sellers on this pharmacy appear to be from the men’s health market, but they sell other drugs too. Other treatments include:

The prices they sell their meds for is fairly low.

When checking their product pages, however, though they do share a fair amount of information about the medications, they don’t provide any information about exactly where they are sent from. We only know that they are sent from India, but we don’t know the names of the businesses involved.

This makes it more likely that the pills they are selling are not really high-quality, as you would expect from a high street pharmacy. If the pills don’t contain the exact ingredients they are supposed to, there is no way of telling by just looking at them. You might notice a difference if you took those pills, but this is a big risk.

Prescription Requirements

The store is selling many drugs that require prescriptions, it even says so in their domain name. They state that a licensed physician will look at your order and write you a prescription.

However, from what we have already found out about this drugstore, we doubt that this is what really happens when you place an order. It seems more likely that they will just dispatch whatever drugs you order without a doctor being involved at all.

They don’t mention consultations for example, so how would a doctor know that the pills are correct for your condition? This isn’t how things are supposed to operate and indicates that what they are saying isn’t true. Coupon

We haven’t located any coupons for this pharmacy.

Payments and Deliveries

Online payments for your pills are taken at a different website, they give you the option of paying through the following methods:

There are two options for delivery. Airmail will cost you $14.95 and take up to 4 weeks to arrive. EMS costs $24.95 with delivery promised in up to 8 business days. The more expensive option also gives you a tracking number so you know when your parcel is going to arrive. The pharmacy also tries to charge you for delivery insurance at $6.95, though this is something that seems unnecessary.

You can get free shipping when you spend at least $200. An order of $200 gives you free airmail, but if you spend $300 they give you free EMS shipping.

Customer Support

Every indication suggests that the customer support from this pharmacy would be severely lacking if you need it. If you have a complaint, you are reliant on their online form or phoning their sales number. We suspect that you would not get satisfaction from any complaint you had. Reviews and Testimonials

The store has a page for reviews. Unfortunately, we have seen these customer comments many times before and they are fake.

They are found on the other sites that look the same as this store, and more besides.


It is very obvious to us that this pharmacy is a scam. It is the same as many other stores we’ve seen and is likely to be a very unreliable source of medication. They don’t want you to know who owns the store, they have no genuine regulation, and they don’t tell us where they dispense the medication from.

We give this pharmacy 0.9 star, strongly suggesting that you look elsewhere for your medical needs online.

What experiences have you encountered while dealing with online drug stores? Has the quality of service in each pharmacy been exquisite? Has it been satisfying, or would you rather not talk about it? Whichever the case, share your story with us; you never know, it could save another reader a whole lot of trouble. Commenting on our threads is quite easy, and you will not even have to register to do that! Reviews – Unhappy Customers

Adding to the good things we see in the domain name record, they have their contact address as well. The records show us that this pharmacy is registered to Rite Aid Corporation, located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, United States.

This is the sort of information we would have expected to find and shows that this is far more likely to be a legit drugstore.

Web Platform

This website offers a lot of information for customers, even allowing you to chat online with a healthcare professional if you need it. They even have their own app to make filling prescriptions easier.

Business Name and Address

Checking the information on their website matches the details found in the domain name database. Their corporate headquarters is located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

They operate a large number of stores across the United States with nearly 2,500 locations to choose from. Their first store was opened in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1962.

Rite Aid Corporation is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and is very clearly a legit pharmacy.

Legal Approvals and Certifications

While they don’t display any regulatory association seals on their website, it is safe to assume that their retail outlets are correctly approved to operate. Each pharmacy retail location will need to be approved by the state authorities in which they are allocated.

However, when checking with LegitScript, we find that they don’t have an approved status. Instead, they are listed as unverified on the site.

They even offer things including grocery products and office supplies. While most of the products sold on the site are dispatched through the main business, if you are purchasing prescription meds, it will involve the nearest Rite Aid pharmacy to you.

Prescription Requirements

As you might expect from the information we’ve already seen, you are going to need a valid prescription for the medical supplies you want to buy. And when purchasing prescription meds you have to provide them directly to the store, they don’t allow you to simply upload them or fax the prescription.

You can order refills online or through the app if you have already provided a valid prescription. The app will also give you warnings for when you need to renew your prescription for your meds. Coupon

We have found a coupon for Rite Aid, and they do offer some discount offers on their store. They have a page for weekly deals for various types of products, and this is dependent on your location.

There are also more general offers available, like a $15 discount when you spend $50 or more, for example.

Payments and Deliveries

All of the pages on this website after secured by a valid SSL certificate. You can pay through major credit cards via PayPal on the site. If you are purchasing medical prescriptions through a local store the payment options might be a little bit different, however.

When you are buying prescriptions from this store delivery might be included in some circumstances. Since you will have to order them through your nearest location, you will have to check to see if they offer shipping or not.

On non-prescription orders, the site offers three choices when shipping to a street address. Standard shipping cost $6.99 or is free for orders over $34.99, this service delivers in 3 to 5 days.

Expedited shipping cost $8.99 and takes 2 or 3 days to arrive. Overnight delivery will cost $19.99 for up to 20 lbs in weight. If your delivery is heavier than that, they charge 99 cents per lb extra. If you are using a PO box address, they only offer standard shipping. Reviews is an e-commerce website that focuses on the sale of medication for a wide variety of illnesses and health conditions. Down in the footer of the pharmacy website, there is a phone number displayed and also an email address which can be used for getting in contact with the customer service team if you have any questions or are encountering issues. The customer service team is active between 9 am and 8 pm between Mondays and Fridays and operates between 9 am and 12 pm between Saturday and Sunday. In this article, we are going to be investigating this e-commerce drugstore and sharing our findings.

Regulatory Approval

Although this e-pharmacy claims to follow very high standards and to also use certified pharmaceutical manufacturers we are not able to verify whether this online pharmacy is actually regulated. Furthermore when we checked the databases of leading pharmaceutical regulatory agencies such as CIPA, and NABP.

On Legit Script, this drugstore website is labeled as ‘rogue’ since it is not following the regulations that are created in order to protect customers from being scammed. 

Products and Pricing

Seasonal and special event sales are present on this online pharmacy that give customers the opportunity to benefit from large discounts and other kinds of special offers. 

Best-Selling Products on This Platform

This online drugstore also claims to have SSL protection which shows that the private information that this pharmaceutical website collects is safe even if the website gets hacked.

  • Men’s Health, in this category, customers are able to purchase male supplements that boost stimulation and performance, moreover, there are hair loss products and vitamin supplements.
  • Life Saving Drugs, in this product category you are able to find the most expensive medication for sale on this online drugstore for serious conditions such as lung cancer, brain tumor, and HIV.
  • Skin Care, another popular category is the skincare section where customers can buy medication that helps with acne, burn wounds, and scars among many other skin conditions.
  • Viral Care, one of the most popular product categories is the viral care category where you can find medication that helps with illnesses that are caused by viruses. These viral illnesses include chickenpox and warts.
  • Offer Villa, this is different from the other product categories as it does not include medication for a specific condition. The Offer Villa features the products where there is a large discount offered. 

Payment and Shipping

Only one form of payment method is offered on this pharmaceutical website, this payment method is credit cards from well-known companies such as American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover

Furthermore, there is also no option for customers to select the most suitable shipping option for them as there is only one option. Shipping is free with every order however there is no information about how long the shipping takes. You need to be cautious of this, as a real business that is trying to turn a profit will not be able to offer free shipping like that without any spending requirements. Reviews – Focused on Men’s Health

The reality of this pharmacy store is that they have no legal approval to operate. And a check with LegitScript proves this point. They have investigated this pharmacy store and have classified it as a rogue business. This means that they lack the necessary legal accreditations to sell their pills in the countries where they do.

Medications on Sale

This drug store is selling brand and generic products, with an emphasis on the men’s health market. Their prices are fairly low though not the most competitive prices we’ve seen.

They sell a reasonable range of pills, these include treatments for:

As we previously mentioned, they don’t name the manufactures of their generic pills, and they also don’t tell us where they are dispensed from. This might indicate that the source of medication from this store isn’t reliable.

Making sure that you get high-quality medications, should be a priority when you are ordering meds online. However, it is difficult to believe that quality pills are being sold by this pharmacy. If they won’t even tell us where the pills are manufactured or dispensed, it leads us to suspect the worst.

If you end up taking low-quality medicines, they might not produce the results you were hoping for. There could be too little or too much of the active ingredients if they even have the right ingredients. Either way, this can have a serious negative effect on your health and you could end up regretting making a purchase of cheap pills online.

Prescription Requirements

This drugstore doesn’t care if you have a valid prescription for the pills you order or not. While they do strongly recommend that you speak to a doctor first, they don’t check on this, and this could lead to problems for customers. Coupon

We haven’t located a coupon for this drugstore.

Payments and Deliveries

When you complete a transaction on this pharmacy site, you are redirected to a new payment page somewhere else. This other website does have some security and they allow you to pay by either credit card or Bitcoin.

There is only one delivery option from this pharmacy site. They provide courier delivery that includes tracking for $30. This is free, however, if you spend at least $300 on their store.

Customer Support

If you have some concerns about an order you have made on their store, you have three options. You can phone them, fill out an online form, or use their live chat option. Reviews and Testimonials

This fancy does operate a testimonials page. On that site, they have a huge number of reviews. All of the customers appear to be giving the store four or five stars.

There are a few rather major problems with this testimonials page, however. This pharmacy has only been around for a few months, and it is difficult to get much positive feedback in that time, let alone the 100s shown on this page.

The testimonials also date back to 2015, long before this pharmacy ever existed. We have also seen these customer testimonials on many other pharmacies. This is very obviously fake feedback that is designed to convince you that this is a reputable pharmacy to do business with.


This isn’t going to be a reliable pharmacy where you can be sure that the pills you received will produce the results you want. We don’t know where the medication is coming from, and they don’t have any genuine regulation.

They are also using fake customer reviews to try and convince you that they are reliable, the reality of his pharmacy might be very different. We wouldn’t recommend this pharmacy to anyone and we only give them 0.9 star.

Possible alternatives

While brick and mortar pharmacies are a safe bet any day, online pharmacies are better, cheaper and more convenient. There is a ton of pharmacies on the internet, and this ends up confusing the consumers, as they do not know who is legitimate and who is out for a quick back. This is where we come in; our experts are constantly scouring the internet, looking for pharmacies and evaluating them based on set criteria.

We provide highly relevant information about these pharmacies, which allows you to choose where to shop for your medication and decide what establishments to stay away from. Our content is periodically updated with information about both existing and upcoming online pharmacies. Reviews High-Risk is a pharmacy that offers 24/7 support and fast refunds. They offer low prices and say that their medication is of the highest quality. We review this pharmacy to find out that things aren’t as good as they claim.

Domain Information

These mirror stores all look almost the same besides the name of the pharmacy. They sell the same medicines at the same prices and are likely to provide the same risks for customers.

Business Name and Address

Though we know the owner of this web site is located in Russia, there isn’t a Russian address on the website. In fact, they don’t provide any business address for this drugstore.

They have also failed to give us their business name. This not only means that we don’t know who operates this drugstore, but it also means that you can hold no one accountable if things go wrong with your order.

This is the same situation that is found on the other mirror pharmacies and makes this business very likely to be a scam.

Legal Approvals

Just like the other mirror stores, they don’t provide any indication that they are following the correct rules and accreditation for the places they sell their medicines to. They do say that they try to meet the highest standards, but this is meaningless is if it isn’t supported by evidence.

Running a check with LegitScript, confirm the problems we have uncovered with this pharmacy. They have reviewed what this pharmacy is doing and found them to be a rogue business that doesn’t have the correct accreditation that they should.

Medications on Sale

The store is selling a reasonable range of medications, most of which appear to be generic pills. Their prices are fairly low, though not the lowest we see online.

Some of the categories of pills sold on this store include:

When checking the product pages for the pills they sell, we find a lack of information about who has manufactured the drug or where they are dispensed from. This increases the risks with this pharmacy.

Pills that have been manufactured in unknown locations could mean that they aren’t manufactured to high standards. This could mean that the pills do not contain the correct ingredients, something that could do you a lot of harm.

Even if they do have the correct ingredients in them, is it in the correct amount as stated on the packaging? If you were to take the pills and they produce some of the results expected, they could still have less of the active ingredient in them than they should. This could actually make your condition worse by appearing to remove some of the symptoms but not combating the underlying cause fully.

Even seemingly small mistakes in the manufacture of drugs could have very serious repercussions for patients. This is why it is very important for you to make sure you buy your meds from a reputable business.

Prescription Requirements

This pharmacy doesn’t make much mention of prescriptions. They make a passing mention to them in the small print of the site within their privacy policy. Though they don’t state that they need a prescription before they will dispense prescription meds.

This seems to show that anyone, regardless of their condition, could purchase whatever medications they wanted from this site. While this might seem good on the face of it, it does mean that people are putting themselves at unnecessary risk. This isn’t how a reliable pharmacy should be operating. Coupon

We haven’t located any coupons for this drugstore.

Payments and Deliveries

When you order from this pharmacy, you will find that they have a minimum order value of $30. Their checkout process isn’t protected by the minimum level of security, but fortunately, they take your credit card details on a different website. The other site does have valid security and will take your money through the following options:

cards and bitcoin
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Bitcoin

Shipping for this pharmacy will cost you $29.95. They have a shipping time of between 25 and 60 working days, however. This is a very long time to have to wait for your medications, though it is likely that this has been affected by the pandemic, and you wouldn’t normally have to wait as long. Reviews, Pharmacy Discount Coupons … is an online pharmacy that sells hundreds of drugs in a diverse set of categories that can all be found alphabetically-organized on the left-hand side of the website. Additionally, you can change the language and currency on the website to fit your preferences although you can choose from a preselected list. Furthermore, there are three phone numbers listed on the website for the customer to use to get in contact with the customer service team. This online pharmacy uses ‘trusted’ in its name and in this article we will be checking if this is actually true.
Business NameTrusted Tablets
Business AddressNo
Country of origin of medicationsPakistan, India
Countries where warehouses are locatedPakistan, India
Phone numbers/customer supportUS: +1-866-877-1187
UK: +44-203-011-0241
Medication counterfeitingStrong Possibility
Risk of poisoningStrong Possibility Reviews 2020 – This Pharmacy is …

is another pharmacy which provides Generic medications of high quality to the world market. The company works in all countries and does not have geographical restrictions. Medicines may be delivered by Standard Airmail Service or Trackable Courier Service depending on your needs.

Shipping Option for YellowPhMarket

YellowPhMarket states that it is one of the largest suppliers of Generic drugs, and has a direct collaboration with manufacturers. Therefore, prices are lower by 40% than on other sites. Moreover, the site has MIPA, CPA, and CIPA Rx that confirm a safety of the pharmacy.Many think that Generic drugs are worse or do not work. But it is not true. Large manufacturers of the medications specially produce Generics, so that people with low income level could get required medications at any time. Generics are cheaper than the brand drugs and work just the same.

The customers of YellowPhMarket may find different medications for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, erectile dysfunction, depression, viral diseases, weight loss, products for the female health on the site. The assortment of the site calculates 400 items among which there are bestsellers: Generic Viagra, Levitra, Malegra, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Cialis Soft, Priligy, Propecia, and others. offers its customers 24-hour support. There are three phone numbers on the site: two for the citizens of the USA, and another one for the citizens of the UK.CONTACTSToll Free (US): +1 (866) 877 11 87 • UK: +44 (203) 011 02 41 • Phone US: +1 (312) 761 03 17

A customer support is free of charge, and you can get to know about the origin of the drug, work of the site, and a help of a pharmacist.


Most customers call as a safe supplier that meets commitments. Many people even say that they are regular customers and have the additional discount for purchases. It is good to see that there are internet pharmacies that do not deal with fake reviews and do not try to cheat their customers.

Reviews – Fake Feedback

Use Coupon Code wyKxZAs46 to get 7% discount.
Trust Score: 4.8/5 , based on 763 internet reviews.Top Canadian Medstore. World-wide Shipping. Customer Support in USA, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.
Overview – Trusted Shop with excellent reviews and great prices.

Reviews is a pharmacy which encourages that you put your trust in them. They sell generic pills and have discounts to promote their meds. Our look at what they offer, however, leads us to believe that they aren’t anywhere near as trustworthy as they want you to believe.

About Domain Name
Registration Date2019-08-22
Owner CountrySlovakia
Contact Informationyes
Business Information
NameTrusted Tablets
Phone Numbersyes
Licenses, Certificates and Approvals
LegitScriptstatus: rogue
Customer Support
Courier Mailyes
Track Numberyes
Free Shipping Optionyes

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Domain Name Information

We can see from the domain name database that this store was registered just months ago. This pharmacy is naturally more likely to be a scam based on this finding alone.