Reviews, Pharmacy Discount Coupons … is an online pharmacy that sells hundreds of drugs in a diverse set of categories that can all be found alphabetically-organized on the left-hand side of the website. Additionally, you can change the language and currency on the website to fit your preferences although you can choose from a preselected list. Furthermore, there are three phone numbers listed on the website for the customer to use to get in contact with the customer service team. This online pharmacy uses ‘trusted’ in its name and in this article we will be checking if this is actually true.
Business NameTrusted Tablets
Business AddressNo
Country of origin of medicationsPakistan, India
Countries where warehouses are locatedPakistan, India
Phone numbers/customer supportUS: +1-866-877-1187
UK: +44-203-011-0241
Medication counterfeitingStrong Possibility
Risk of poisoningStrong Possibility