Reviews High-Risk is a pharmacy that offers 24/7 support and fast refunds. They offer low prices and say that their medication is of the highest quality. We review this pharmacy to find out that things aren’t as good as they claim.

Domain Information

These mirror stores all look almost the same besides the name of the pharmacy. They sell the same medicines at the same prices and are likely to provide the same risks for customers.

Business Name and Address

Though we know the owner of this web site is located in Russia, there isn’t a Russian address on the website. In fact, they don’t provide any business address for this drugstore.

They have also failed to give us their business name. This not only means that we don’t know who operates this drugstore, but it also means that you can hold no one accountable if things go wrong with your order.

This is the same situation that is found on the other mirror pharmacies and makes this business very likely to be a scam.

Legal Approvals

Just like the other mirror stores, they don’t provide any indication that they are following the correct rules and accreditation for the places they sell their medicines to. They do say that they try to meet the highest standards, but this is meaningless is if it isn’t supported by evidence.

Running a check with LegitScript, confirm the problems we have uncovered with this pharmacy. They have reviewed what this pharmacy is doing and found them to be a rogue business that doesn’t have the correct accreditation that they should.

Medications on Sale

The store is selling a reasonable range of medications, most of which appear to be generic pills. Their prices are fairly low, though not the lowest we see online.

Some of the categories of pills sold on this store include:

When checking the product pages for the pills they sell, we find a lack of information about who has manufactured the drug or where they are dispensed from. This increases the risks with this pharmacy.

Pills that have been manufactured in unknown locations could mean that they aren’t manufactured to high standards. This could mean that the pills do not contain the correct ingredients, something that could do you a lot of harm.

Even if they do have the correct ingredients in them, is it in the correct amount as stated on the packaging? If you were to take the pills and they produce some of the results expected, they could still have less of the active ingredient in them than they should. This could actually make your condition worse by appearing to remove some of the symptoms but not combating the underlying cause fully.

Even seemingly small mistakes in the manufacture of drugs could have very serious repercussions for patients. This is why it is very important for you to make sure you buy your meds from a reputable business.

Prescription Requirements

This pharmacy doesn’t make much mention of prescriptions. They make a passing mention to them in the small print of the site within their privacy policy. Though they don’t state that they need a prescription before they will dispense prescription meds.

This seems to show that anyone, regardless of their condition, could purchase whatever medications they wanted from this site. While this might seem good on the face of it, it does mean that people are putting themselves at unnecessary risk. This isn’t how a reliable pharmacy should be operating. Coupon

We haven’t located any coupons for this drugstore.

Payments and Deliveries

When you order from this pharmacy, you will find that they have a minimum order value of $30. Their checkout process isn’t protected by the minimum level of security, but fortunately, they take your credit card details on a different website. The other site does have valid security and will take your money through the following options:

cards and bitcoin
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Bitcoin

Shipping for this pharmacy will cost you $29.95. They have a shipping time of between 25 and 60 working days, however. This is a very long time to have to wait for your medications, though it is likely that this has been affected by the pandemic, and you wouldn’t normally have to wait as long.