Riteaid.com Reviews – Unhappy Customers

Adding to the good things we see in the domain name record, they have their contact address as well. The records show us that this pharmacy is registered to Rite Aid Corporation, located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, United States.

This is the sort of information we would have expected to find and shows that this is far more likely to be a legit drugstore.

Web Platform

This website offers a lot of information for customers, even allowing you to chat online with a healthcare professional if you need it. They even have their own app to make filling prescriptions easier.

Business Name and Address

Checking the information on their website matches the details found in the domain name database. Their corporate headquarters is located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

They operate a large number of stores across the United States with nearly 2,500 locations to choose from. Their first store was opened in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1962.

Rite Aid Corporation is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and is very clearly a legit pharmacy.

Legal Approvals and Certifications

While they don’t display any regulatory association seals on their website, it is safe to assume that their retail outlets are correctly approved to operate. Each pharmacy retail location will need to be approved by the state authorities in which they are allocated.

However, when checking with LegitScript, we find that they don’t have an approved status. Instead, they are listed as unverified on the site.

They even offer things including grocery products and office supplies. While most of the products sold on the site are dispatched through the main business, if you are purchasing prescription meds, it will involve the nearest Rite Aid pharmacy to you.

Prescription Requirements

As you might expect from the information we’ve already seen, you are going to need a valid prescription for the medical supplies you want to buy. And when purchasing prescription meds you have to provide them directly to the store, they don’t allow you to simply upload them or fax the prescription.

You can order refills online or through the app if you have already provided a valid prescription. The app will also give you warnings for when you need to renew your prescription for your meds.

RiteAid.com Coupon

We have found a coupon for Rite Aid, and they do offer some discount offers on their store. They have a page for weekly deals for various types of products, and this is dependent on your location.

There are also more general offers available, like a $15 discount when you spend $50 or more, for example.

Payments and Deliveries

All of the pages on this website after secured by a valid SSL certificate. You can pay through major credit cards via PayPal on the site. If you are purchasing medical prescriptions through a local store the payment options might be a little bit different, however.

When you are buying prescriptions from this store delivery might be included in some circumstances. Since you will have to order them through your nearest location, you will have to check to see if they offer shipping or not.

On non-prescription orders, the site offers three choices when shipping to a street address. Standard shipping cost $6.99 or is free for orders over $34.99, this service delivers in 3 to 5 days.

Expedited shipping cost $8.99 and takes 2 or 3 days to arrive. Overnight delivery will cost $19.99 for up to 20 lbs in weight. If your delivery is heavier than that, they charge 99 cents per lb extra. If you are using a PO box address, they only offer standard shipping.